Uploading collaborators and lists

The CSV file format

Please select .csv file that fits following criteria:
One row represents one collaborator One row must have 4 values Values in the row must be separated with comma First value of the row is an email address of a collabarator Second value of the row is a first name of a collaborator Third value of the row is a last name of a collaborator Fourth value of the row is none, one or more list names, the collaborator belongs to. List names have to be in brackets Fifth value of the row is an action that you want to execute. There are 3 options:
* create - create a new collaborator * update - update existing collaborator. You are cannot to update email, but first and last names will be exactly as you specify it. If the collaborator has a list, update action will remove that list and replace it with the ones specified in the file. * remove - delete existing collaborator. To remove collaborator, you can specify only email address, leaving names and lists empty (ex: user@mydomain.com,,,{},remove)

Examples: One list: user@mydomain.com,first_name,last_name,{list1} Multiple lists: user@mydomain.com,first_name,last_name,"{list1,list2}" No lists: user@mydomain.com,,,{} No names: user@mydomain.com,,,"{list1,list2}"

Transforming a XLS to CSV

Download You can transform an XLS file to CSV using Excel or Google Sheets :


All set !

You can now upload your file and generate your collaborators and lists.