General settings

Email - General

In the General Settings, you can define the E-Mail's name / subject / publish settings.

HTML editor

Email - HTML Edition

You must also set the HTML and text fallback contents.

Email view

Email View

You can see email statistics and preview email from the view page.

Using the E-Mail builder

The E-Mail builder is accessible once you have saved your E-Mail. If you are using the builder, it will override your HTML content field, you will still need to set the text fallback content

Email Builder Templates

You should first choose your E-Mail template, &shift comes with 3 built-in templates.
We also have the possibility to create custom templates for your company.

Email Builder Edition

Using the E-Mail builder is quite intuitive, you can easily add blocks in your E-Mail, define the content structued in the blocks and their styling.
Once finished, you can save your E-Mail and go back to the Mail E-Mail edition.

Dynamic fields

To customize E-Mails, you can also add dynamic fields to your E-Mails.

You can use 4 dynamic profile fields in the mail template :

Copy paste these codes in your E-Mail :
    *|* email *|*
    *|* company *|* 
    *|* firstname *|* 
    *|* lastname *|*

And 3 other dynamic content code :

To dispay the link to show the email in the browser
    *|* browserviewlink *|*
To display the link of a form 
To display the download link of an asset

You can use only forms and assets that belong to your company.